Our greenhouse construction team has over 80 years of collective experience designing & building light dep greenhouses.

  • World’s Best Equipment and Supplies

    The best crops need the best supplies & equipment. We offer industry leading lighting, coco, nutrients, and all the gear you need to succeed.

  • Indoor Growing perfection

    Cannapro offers a perfect mix of greenhouse equipment & indoor growing technology to create an optimal environment.


    Double poly or rigid coverings. Various heights and sizes. Everything you need.


    Glass, acrylic or polycarbonate coverings. Built like a Sherman Tank.


    Born in Holland. Comes with diffused tempered glass for maximum light.

  • Freestanding

    Freestanding in 30'width and up to 144'long. Not your grandad's greenhouse. This bad boy is still state of the art and tough as they come.


CannaPro utilizes a perfect mix of commercial greenhouse equipment and indoor growing technology to create the perfect environment for cannabis to thrive.


World Class Lighting

We have lighting experts on staff to help you choose the right technology for the right application. We offer the best HPS, MH, CMH, LED and T5 systems on the planet. We can also help with layouts and design to achieve the proper µmol levels cannabis needs to reach its potential.


Get precise injection of nutrients to your plants with our direct injection nutrient delivery systems. Change the recipe, monitor EC and pH, record and schedule feeding programs from the built in software program or on the fly from your smartphone.

Plant Moving Systems

Imagine the labor savings in having the plants come to your workers rather than them walking 20 miles per day. Keep people out of the grow rooms to reduce the introduction of pathogens and insects. Our automated plant moving solutions have a fast ROI and save a lot of money by optimising your logistics, efficiency and use of space. Track your plants exact location with RFID technology, move them from Propagation to Veg and Flower automatically. CannaPro designs, manufactures and installs custom Plant Moving Systems to suit our customers' needs.

Epoxy Flooring & Wall Systems

Let our experts design, supply and install your next indoor grow with our custom insulated modular wall systems. Various length panels available to give you the ceiling height required. Finish it off with our custom epoxy floor coating to complete a washable, wearable surface both on the floors and walls. The finished product is a pharmaceutical grade facility which will serve you for decades and meet the strictest of regulations.

Single & Multilevel Benching

CannaPro builds and supplies world class custom benching systems. Rolling greenhouse single level in 4, 4.5, 5 and 6 foot widths are available - in any length required and as low as 14" off the floor. Ebb & flood, trough, or expanded mesh tops are available depending on your application. We also build and supply 2 and 3 level custom benches with ebb & flood trays which are perfect for increasing Veg space. In Flowering zones growers love our integrated trellis system.

Trimming & Harvesting

Increase your efficiency and save time by using our trimming and harvesting machines. We have partnered with GreenBroz, the industry leaders in trimming, extraction, and processing equipment. The dry trimmers are the most gentle trimmers on the market. It's unique design leaves all trichomes on the buds, and even the most discerning customers cannot tell the difference between GreenBroz and hand trimmed product.

  • Flowering

    Perfection - more intense lighting, a tweak here or there with nutrients/climate and enjoy higher yields with lower inputs.

  • Vegetative

    Grow - under the proper lights, with proper nutrition to give your young plants the start they need.

  • Cloning

    Replicate - with ease and consistency. Multi-layer or single layer with perfect results every time.

Design & Build

When designing a world class facility you need to work with an experienced team. Trust our cannabis professionals to design what is right, the first time. What was being used last year is already outdated. The equipment and processes being implemented today are much more efficient than ever before. Call us for help with your project first, and get it right the first time.

Architecture & Engineering

From architectural drawings to ribbon cuttings, CannaPro’s construction management division designs and builds state-of-the-art cultivation and distribution facilities for clients in the medical cannabis industry. Our professional architects and construction contractors are licensed and insured in multiple states and countries.


CannaPro’s team of experienced medical cannabis professionals will help you navigate the application and licensing process—the first step to building a successful, compliant medical cannabis business.

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