CannaPro designs and builds premium indoor cannabis facilities & light dep greenhouses for growing high yielding healthy cannabis crops.

We are truly a global cannabis entity with offices located in Canada, USA and Europe.

Our customers have quickly come to learn we offer the best solutions, or nothing at all.

The CannaPro Group offers your cannabis growing team decades of professional horticultural experience. We have assembled a team of all-stars you could say, who bring you tried and true cultivation methods mixed with the perfect dose of cutting edge technology.

Some photos of projects and products we offer.

All photos are actual clients.


Clone Carts

Start your clones on our food grade 4 level clone carts. Your choice of T5 or upgrade to LED lighting. Food grade trays for hygiene. Holds up to 1600 clones.

CMH in flower rooms

This grower is using the 630 watt CMH DE bulbs in the HALO fixture for a full spectrum solution. CMH is great for vegetative growth, mother plants, and also for flowering. The white spectrum is also easier for growers to see the plants true state.

Single level rolling benches

This greenhouse has new Max-Roll Ebb & Flood rolling benches to maximize the canopy space inside this greenhouse. We manufacture any size you need and at any height. Optional trellis system also available for flowering rooms.

We build to GMP standards

Our projects whether indoor, greenhouse, or hybrid are all built to pharmaceutical grade to meet GMP regulations. Nobody can enter the facility without being clean, no exceptions.

Indoor Flower Room

This picture has its own description. Perfection.

Perfectly Clean Water

In order to grow perfect plants you need to start with perfect water. We can clean & purify source water as well as capture, treat, and re-use 100% of the water inside the facility. Zero waste.

Halo Pro DE lighting

The Halo DE 1000w light can be used with 3 types of bulbs (HPS/CMH/MH) giving you 3 spectrum choices in your rooms and has a 3 way adjustable reflector. This is the world's most versatile and reliable light fixture.

Greenhouse Projects

Our greenhouses are purpose built with cannabis in mind. You need special odour systems, extra ventilation, lighting, day length control and insect screening among other things. Call our greenhouse specialists for more information.

Climate Control is critical

Our team of 35 engineers have been designing indoor grow chambers for more than 50 years. They understand HVAC and indoor growing conditions better than any other engineers in the world. A properly designed system should deliver a uniform climate across the entire room within +/- 1 degree. This is how you create standardization, maximize yields and maintain plant health.