Argus Multi-Feed RM


Multi-Feed Nutrient Injection


Argus Multi-Feed injectors including the new Multi-Feed RM are designed and manufactured exclusively by Argus and feature some of the most advanced capabilities of any nutrient control equipment including full single-element dosing options. The injectors are capable of 'on-the-fly' delivery of multiple stock concentrates regardless of the system flow rate.

With a Multi-Feed injector, you can use the same dosing equipment to deliver dozens of different recipes. You can also modify the feed concentration and chemistry to suit the current conditions. Fully integrated with the comprehensive irrigation and fertigation capabilities of the Argus Titan system, Multi-Feed injection systems enable you to simply 'dial-in' a precision feeding program for every crop.

  • Support for A/B/C style multi-tank ratio feeding
  • Single element dosing configurations are available
  • Manage your feed recipes as stock ratios (100:1, 200:1, etc.) or specify the actual elements in parts per million
  • Full multiplexing - up to 64 different feed recipes can be delivered using a single Multi-Feed injector
  • pH correction
  • Inlet EC compensation
  • EC management
  • Proven Argus Feed-Forward control intelligence for fast response and the highest dosing accuracy and safety
  • Engineered to your specifications and flow rates
  • Suitable for both pressurized in-line and dilute tank management applications
  • Low residual volumes for efficient feed switching
  • Excellent mixing at all system flow rates
  • High turndown models are available
  • Works with a wide range of stock concentration strengths
  • Few moving parts - made from simple, high quality components
  • Compact, easy-to-install
  • Easy to operate - managed by your Argus system.
  • Custom configured for your applications and fully supported by Argus

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