Conviron Custom Drying Chambers


Precision Control of Your Most Critical Stage of Production

High ventilation, low humidity, and reduced temperature are required during drying to reduce the water content of cannabis buds, preserve the potency, remove unwanted pigment and chlorophyll, and prevent mold formation.

Airflow in a Conviron drying room

Airflow in a Conviron drying room

Conviron’s rooms precisely control the drying environment and allow growers to manage their rate of drying and curing by manipulating temperature and humidity. Unique horizontal airflow and integrated dehumidification ensure uniform drying throughout the space, enabling use of a variety of rack or cart systems.

Turn-Key Rooms by Conviron

Conviron engineers, manufactures and installs drying rooms on a turn-key basis. Our standard models can be customized to suit client-specific requirements for size and performance. With full control over temperature, humidity and air quality, growers can program the room for custom drying regimes followed by a controlled curing stage without having to remove dried product from the room.

Intelligence by Argus Controls

Argus Controls provides an advanced environmental control system for greenhouse and indoor growing, offering growers unique flexibility and expandability in their control strategies. All Conviron rooms are equipped with Argus controls so they can be seamlessly integrated into a commercial production facility.

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