Single Level Rolling Benches - Custom



Ebb and Flow Benches can provide the medical marijuana grower with a number of advantages.

  • Ebb & Flow benches can provide a complete automated (or manually controlled) watering system for the crop. Plants in any size pot up about 3 gallons can be watered, and fertilized by traditional sub irrigation techniques. Watering with this method does require the use of an appropriate root medium, with a significant content of a component with excellent capillary action. (Such as 30+% sphagnum peat moss, and/or coir.)

  • Growers using overhead hand irrigation, or automated irrigation with drip emitters can also realize many benefits from using Ebb & Flow bench systems as a base for their growing operation. The biggest benefits come from collecting and controlling all water run off. This makes water, and relative humidity control much easier, which is a significant aid in prevention of insect and fungal disease problems.

  • Ebb & Flow benches are all manufactured to meet the custom requirements of each customer. We have several widths of benches available to fit any situation. Bench lengths and heights are all custom. The benches can be stationary, or rolling to make use of as much square footage as possible.

  • In addition CannaPro provides many custom additions for their customers, such as anti-tip bench systems, custom trellising systems (sometimes called halos), custom benches for unlevel floor situations, etc.

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